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Back in the EuroLeague!

WE ARE BACK IN THE EUROLEAGUE! Unicaja is back! After a one-year absence, we are back in the EuroLeague as the champion of the EuroCup – the second best competition in Europe. This is a place that belongs to us and our fans. Since 2001 Unicaja has been in the EuroLeague almost all of the time. But now the EuroLeague has a totally different format. Many years ago you played a group phase and could get eliminated after 10 games. Or advance to the Top 16 and play six more games before the Euroleague playoffs. You couldn’t play all the teams. Today you face all the teams and all the best players from the best leagues in Europe. Thirty really hard and exciting games and every one of them can matter at the end of the regular season. We are writing our own history and fighting for our next goals and dreams. It’s really great to be here!

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