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Euroleague Experience

Euroleague experience

It was my first full Euroleague season experience. I think it was a good year overall ! We lost some, we won some that nobody would expect. The people who were betting on us or against could be mad 🙂 After all we were 9th in the competition, we were very close. Individually it was a great first season. Too bad we couldn’t have this cherry on a pie at the end but well, we need to be satisfied with what we achieved and be hungry for more!

For this moment we don’t know if we will play there next year or not. Things are complicated but we are still in the game. Maybe I can explain for those that don’t know the rules of playing Euroleague in season 2018/19:

  • Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Kirolbet Baskonia has the licence A – so they will play Euroleague next season no matter what
  • There is one more spot for a Spanish team in the Turkish Airlines Euroleague – for the Champion
  • If the Champion is some of the three teams from Real, Barca or Baskonia, then the spot to play Euroleague is for the next team which doesn’t have the licence A
  • The biggest contenders for this spot is Valencia, Gran Canaria and of course us – UNICAJA MALAGA

We will do everything to be on the court and compete to the end for this spot. I know what means playing in Euroleague. Great games against all the best teams and best players in Europe. Experience that You cannot buy with money. Travels that You can’t describe. Game stadiums and environment that You will never forget.

Time to go. We need to work hard to get there, so see You on the court. #MalagaNeverGivesUp

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